Reviews & Testimonials


"So we purchased your product and it is wonderful! We had to jimmyrig the cover a bit to accommodate the deck, but it worked like a charm! Pool was clear, free of debris and ready for swimming in no time!" - Evelyn S


"It works great the pool tree system does everything it should, water does not set on top leaves will blow right off even after they have set on the cover through rain sun comes out dries the leaves they blow away best thing I ever did is buy this system it's great, A+++ system." - Brian S.

12/3/2018 "Had purchased the mesh flow through cover last year. It sank with all the leaves. The tree system is working great this year the leaves are not collecting on the cover and it's not sinking." - John D.
11/20/2018 "Great product and easy to install. Withholding all the rain we have been having. I wished I had got this 3 years ago . The mesh pool cover really keeps the water from staying on top." - LJB
10/27/2018 "I installed the Pool Tree System a few weeks ago along with a mesh cover. Last night is where it really showed it’s value. This pic is from this morning after heavy rains and wind in eastern North Carolina. There are no pools on top of the cover. Installation requires two people to keep from crossing the lines when attaching to the pool uprights. It’s also pricey for what it is - but if it has longevity it’ll definitely be worth it. Installed on a 24’ Sharkline Matrix pool." - J. Peters
10/22/2018 "I have put so many covers on my pool which did not last thru the winter season. This was the best purchase I have made in order to cover my pool. It was not hard to do except it does take two people to put the support system up. If anyone has an above ground pool, I would recommend this cover support system." - Linda O.
10/1/2018 "I live in Rhode Island and have been using this for more than 10 years.  I take the clean, leafless cover off.  Then shock it and within a day or wo we are swimming." - Michael from RI
Oct-18 "I have a 15x30 oval above ground pool. After 12 years of scooping leaves off the old solid cover, pillows deflating over the winter, nasty looking water, ducks landing in it etc..I ordered the entire pool tree system package this past winter and wish I had it from day 1 !!...Best cover system by son helped briefly to install it...and I removed it alone in the spring...pool water was clean and clear...cover was clean all winter and the whole system stored away easily for the summer months. Worth every penny ! Replacing my pool this coming spring and will never worry about winter coverings again ! Thanks Pool Tree !" - W. Mac
Jul-18 "Made our winter much easier! I purchased a mesh cover to go along with the PoolTree and it was the easiest maintenance through the winter yet. I didn't have to worry about draining the cover or scooping the leaves after they fell. It was easy to install and I was happy with the quality of materials in the box for assembly." Kelly J., CT
4/23/2018 "I have to say that from start to finish it only took my husband and I 10 to uncover our pool.  Look how clear it is!!! I cannot say enough good things about the PoolTree System!!!" Cathi G., CT
10/10/2017 "nice and easy to assemble"
3/28/2017 '1st yr. Pool cover system seems to be working well, no debris on the cover and it's above the water. I used gallon plastic jugs with anti-freeze to keep the cover tight. Here's hoping we have a clean start up pool this year." - Patrick C.
1/5/2017 "Leaves are a huge problem for us. This is our first season using the pool tree and so far we have been able to keep the leaves to a minimum. We have tried the pillows but they have popped or moved with the ice and had uneven pockets of water. We tried the leaf net, but the wet leaves just break down and fall thru the holes in the netting. The pool tree seems very sturdy and so far is worth spending a little extra money." - D. Jones
12/13/2016 "This system works very well and I would recommend it to anyone."
11/2/2016 "It's a good system all around" - Isidore M.
10/28/2016 "Put this cover on about a month ago. It was easy to put up with just the hubby & me. Not complicated at all. So far, so good! We'll see through the winter!' - Lynda
10/12/2016 "Good product from what we can see, just put it up on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing how it works." - DJT
9/11/2016 "It was easier to set up than I thought! Looks just like in the pictures. My husband squirted the hose on the cover after set up because it was windy out but all the water went through the cover just as advertised! So excited about that part! Now that the ropes are measured up to the appropriate size, set up next year should be a breeze!"