Ball System Instructions

Pool Tree System ABOVE GROUND POOL Installation Instructions:


Step - 1 View contents Parts list

1. one plastic strap installer

2. one ball

3. one harness

4. ten equal length ropes

5. ten poly cord with connectors

6. ten red nylon straps

7. one alligator clip


Step - 2 Inflate the Ball

Pump an adequate amount of air into the ball to fill it halfway full. Moisten the plug and turn when inserting (filling ball with compressed air is the easiest)

Place the ball into the harness.

Make sure you position the plug below the top strap. This will keep the cover from catching on the plug.

Resume inflation once the ball is in the harness until you are able to make the harness neat with no twists or folds. Make sure the ball has enough air so that it FITS LOOSELY inside the harness. DO NOT OVERFILL!  Leave enough room to allow your hand to slide between the harness and the ball when inflated.



Step - 3 Count pool upright supports

Start counting at the skimmer.  

Walk around pool and count every other upright support on your pool. This will help you determine how many support ropes you will use.

Example: we have counted every other uprights and found we needed 8 rope support lines. If there are more then ten connections after you finished counting attach and space the support lines as evenly as possible.

Step - 4 Assembling Support Lines

Attach the rope to long coupling located at end of poly stretch chord

Knot the rope with a one inch pigtail

Take the other end of the rope and pass it through the top of the grommet and knot it.  Make sure to knot it and leave a one inch pigtail so the rope will not come out.


Step - 5 Attach Red Straps to the Pool

Place the plastic strap installer inside the female strap buckle. Make sure the bent end of the plastic strap installer is facing the pool wall. Gently push the sheet metal of the pool wall in. This will allow the strap to slip completely through and behind the pool upright support.

Repeat this step for every other pool upright. Lay straps over pool coping.

At this point, another set of hands will help! 

Important - Do not cross lines. Rope supports should come off ball in order.

Attach eachrope to your laid out straps, which are on the pool.



Step - 6 Adjustment of Lines

Shorten and re-tie lines. Repeat this process on opposite sides, forcing the line to have tension. This will give you a good idea how much rope needs to be shortened. 

Be sure to shorten and maintain an equal length for all the rope lines as this will help in centering.

Repeat this with all the support lines

Do not use the Strap to adjust the rope length. Normal position for the Strap is fully extended, it is not intended to use as an adjustment.

Shorten the rope lines with enough tension to stretch out poly cord approximately 4 inches.

Arrange the buckle under the support.

You are ready for your cover.


Pool Tree Maintenance and Use:

Using counterweights: We have found good results in keeping the cover tight. A bottle with sand will do nicely. Use one in every panel section around pool. When the first snow storm comes, remove every other counterweight for the winter. Lift the pool cover's tie down cable up as high as it will allow on the upright support. This will let the cover move under weight of the snow. With snow and ice holding the cover down, there is nothing more to do.

When using a mesh/porous covers: when snow and ice melt and the pool cover is not frozen in water, push pool cover tie down cable as far down as it will allow on the upright support. Leave the weights and do not add extra weights.

High Wind Warning: To protect against high winds, 25mph and above, place counter weights on the cover temporarily causing the cover sections to sink under water and stabilize it from the wind. Once the winds have subsided, counter weights are not necessary.

When using solid covers: Be sure to pump out the water from each pocketbetween the rope assemblies.

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