FAQ & Tips


  • The PoolTree System was designed to work best with a MESH COVER.  Mesh covers allow water to drain through slowly and require no maintenance.  SOLID COVERS DO NOT LET WATER THROUGH and will NEED TO BE PUMPED.  If you have excessive water collecting on your cover for longer than 36 hours, you have a solid cover and it will need to be pumped. 
  • Drain the pool to the bottom of the skimmer and leave the skimmer/return lines open. This will maintain the same water level all season regardless of rain/snow.  Plugging the skimmer and return can overflow the pool and will reduce the effectiveness of the system.  You can use spring rain water to refill the pool by plugging the skimmer/return after the winter season.
  • Mesh covers can be purchased on our website, and more info about mesh vs. solid covers can be found on our YouTube channel.
  • See our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/pooltree2010/videos for videos & tips regarding assembly of the system.


Does the PoolTree System come with a cover?

The PoolTree Winter Cover Support System is just the support system that goes under your cover.  This can be purchased on its own so that you can use your existing cover or purchase a mesh cover of your choice, or the PoolTree can be purchased as a package with our recommended mesh cover.  When purchased together on pooltreesystem.com, both the cover and the PoolTree are discounted.

How does the PoolTree System attach to the pool?

The System uses nylon straps that wrap around the pool's upright supports.  Every PoolTree System comes with a zip-tie to aid with this installation, and these youtube videos illustrate how it's done:




Who can use the Pool Tree System?

Any above ground round pool or oval pools up to 18'x36' that have upright supports.  Uprights must have the ability to pass the red strap behind it.  Visit our YouTube channel for more information: https://www.youtube.com/user/pooltree2010


How do I adjust the cord/rope supports to the proper tension for the pool?

We supply all the ropes the same length to accommodate each pool type. To adjust the rope for your pool size, adjust all ropes to the same length, and be sure the black poly chord is stretched approximately 4" leaving tension on the line. It may take a few trips around the pool to find the proper length. When the length is determined, cut off any excess rope.  Refer to our YouTube channel for instructional videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/pooltree2010


Will my pool cover fit over the Pool Tree System?

Most pool covers have a 3' or 4' overlap built into their sizing, so the correct size cover for your pool will fit with the PoolTree System.  We recommend draining the water level below the skimmer and leaving it unplugged so it can drain.  This regulates the water level all year round and keeps the cover lower, so a larger cover is not needed.  


Is there a difference between pool covers?

There are mesh (porous) pool covers and there are solid pool covers. We recommend porous pool covers because the porous cover will not hold any water and allow the water to pass through.  There are also large differences in the quality of mesh covers.  The covers we sell are a very heavy duty fabric and the mesh is densely woven, which allows the least amount of light and fine particles through.  Other covers are lightweight and allow lots of debris into the pool, resulting in dirtier pool during openings.

The Pool Tree System is designed to work with both porous and solid pool cover.  With a mesh cover and a PoolTree System, leaves and water do not sit on the cover and leech into the pool like they do with a normal pool pillow.  The rain water and melting snow passes through into the pool, allowing the debris to blow away with the breeze.  With a mesh cover, the System is maintenance free and self-cleaning.  With a solid cover, the cover still needs to be pumped but the System holds debris and water close to the edge of the pool so it is easier to remove.  The ball will not pop or move.  Come spring time, removing the pool cover is fast and hassle free.  


Do I do anything different when closing the pool?

You should always use the appropriate amount of shock AND winterizer when closing your pool.  Visit your local pool store for winterizing recommendations.  Depending on the quality of your mesh cover, certain covers let through more light and fine debris than others.  We find that our covers are a very high quality dense mesh, and the pools open very clean without any extra chemicals or procedures.  Lower quality covers may let through more light and fine particles, resulting in a slightly dirtier pool.  If your pool opens somewhat dirty and/or green, we recommend putting a dosage of shock in under the cover a week before opening.  This will help clear the water before you remove the cover.  


What about the water level in the pool?

We (and most pool manufacturers) recommend draining the water level below the skimmer for the winter, especially in cold climates.  This method reduces the chance of ice damage.  Leave the skimmer fitting open, so any water that enters the skimmer can escape.  Water trapped in your skimmer can freeze and crack, so make sure it can drain.  The pool will self-regulate its water level all winter, as snow and rain will fill and drain automatically.  Some customers plug the skimmer back up after temps rise in the spring and if you use a mesh cover, it will allow rain water to fill the pool back to it's normal operating level.  


Will the Pool Tree System tear my pool cover?

The Pool Tree System was designed to have no sharp edges.  Our customers find that covers last much longer with the PoolTree System because the cover is suspended above the water, not frozen in ice.  Ice and snow pressure is the #1 cause of cover damage.  


Should I use pool clips on my pool cover?

Do not use pool clips to tie down the pool cover. The Pool Tree System was designed to let the pool cover have some movement and allow the debris to blow away in the wind.  We do find that weights tied to the winch cable or grommets on the pool help keep the cover out of the water.  These provide a second benefit of acting as counter weights on the cover during high winds or storms.  You can flip the weights into the pool on top of the cover during windy periods to help keep the cover from flapping violently.  Then when winds die down, pull the weights out and they will assist in lifting the cover out of the water to begin the drying process.