Mast System Q&A

1.  Who can use the Pool-Tree System?

(a) Above ground round pools up to 27'.

(b) Above ground round pools without a pool fence attached to the pool uprights.


2. Will the weighted base damage the pool liner?

The base is designed with a foam bottom to eliminate damage to the pool liner when it is sitting in the pool. In case of old pools, the liners may become brittle with age. Always place foam bottom base gently onto the floor of the pool.

3. How can wind affect my pool cover?

Heavy winds could damage any type of pool cover. We place extra weights on the pool cover temporarily, causing the cover sections to sink under water and stabilize it from wind. When heavy winds stop, remove the extra weights from the pool cover.

4. How do I adjust the cord/rope supports to proper tension for the pool?

We supply all ropes at the same length to accommodate up to a 27' pool. To adjust the rope for your pool size, shorten all the ropes to the same length. Be sure the black poly cord is stretched aprox 4" leaving tension on the line. It may take a few trips around the pool to find the proper length. When the length is determined, cut off any excess rope. 

5. Is the PVC column solid core?

No. We use a 3" hollow PVC column pipe. 

6. Will Ice break my PVC Pool-Tree column?

Water is on the inside as well as on the outside of the column. When this water freezes the pressure on the column is neutralized.

7. Will the porous pool cover fit over the Pool-Tree System?

All normal porous pool cover sizes will fit on the Pool-Tree System.

8. Is there any difference between covers?

There are porous pool covers and there are solid pool covers. We use and recommend porous pool covers as they do not hold any water but allow water to pass through. The Pool-Tree System is designed to work only with porous pools covers. Untill now porous covers were not used because there was no system to keep debris off the cover. As a result all the debris and decay would sit on the cover and eventually get into the pool water. Pool-Tree always stands tall so this issue has now been eliminated The rain water and melting snow passes through the cover into the pool while debris blows away with the breeze. This allows the pool cover to be leaf and debris free and dry. Come spring time, removing the cover is hassle free.

9. Do I need to do anything different when closing the pool?


Water passes through the cover all winter and the chemicals may get diluted. We recommend shocking and stabilizing the pool water two weeks prior to opening the pool. This method works very well and produces excellent results.

10. What about the water level in the pool?

Keeping the water level is a simple matter. First plug the skimmer then remove the ring and deflector ball for the water inlet hole. Then we disconnect the inlet hose leaving an opening for the excess water to spill out and level itself to that point.

 11. Will the Pool-Tree System tear my cover?

The Pool-Tree System is designed to have no sharp edges

12. Will the pool-Tree System column fit all pools?

Due to the different depths of dished out pools, The Pool-Tree System column will have to be trimmed in most cases. The procedure is fast and straightforward.

13. Can I use pool cover clips with the Pool-Tree System?

 Do not use pool clips.