Mast System Instructions



1. Place the sand filled base into the center of the pool, being careful not to drop it. 

2. Install the adapter to column.

3. Have another person to help you and hold the column on the base in the pool.

4. Hold a string tight across the center of the pool, touching opposite edges of the pool. 

5. Bring the string close to the column and place a marker line on the column where the string touches it. This will be your top edge of pool line.



6. Force adapter fitting onto the bottom of the PVC column and make sure the adapter is pushed all the way onto the column. If it is lose, apply adhesive. (not included, but we love Goop for this).

7. Place the distributor disk on top of the PVC column. Make sure the distribution disk is pushed all the way down on to the column. If it is loose, apply adhesive. (not included)

8. Walk around your pool and count every other pool upright support. Take the number that you counted and match it to the number on your disk.

9. Insert the support ropes in the corresponding holes and tie your knots. 

10. Place the assembled and measured PVC column into the base. Be careful not to drop it in the pool as it can cause damage to the liner.

11. Have another person hand the support rope bundle toward you while holding the PVC column in the base.

12. Attach the straps to the outside of pool upright supports.

-Place the plastic strap installer inside the female strap buckle. Make sure the bent end of the plastic strap installer is facing the pool wall. Gently push the sheet metal of the pool wall in. This will allow the strap to slip completely through and behind the pool upright support.

-Repeat this step for every other pool upright. Lay straps over pool coping.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use the strap to adjust the rope length. Proper strap position is fully extended. The strap is not intended as an adjustment.


13. Take the knot tied in the end of the long coupling, located at the end of the rope, and shorten and retie it,Retie it so that the black poly-cord is stretched approximately 4". Be sure to maintain equal lengths for all lines, this will help in centering. Adjusting opposite ropes is a good way to do this.

14. using the side of your foot, slide the base until the PVC column is standing straight up in the vertical position. Use a level and check plum in two locations. Both 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock.

15. Slip the porous pool cover over the Pool-Tree System and tighten the pool cover as instructed by the porous pool cover manufacturer.

Pool-Tree maintenance and use

A. We have found good results using counter weights to keep the cover stabilized. A gallon plastic bottle filled half way with sand will do nicely. Use one gallon bottle for every panel section around the pool, or as needed.

B. When the first snow comes, remove every other counter weight for winter. lift the pool cover's cable up as high as it will go on the upright support. This will allow the cover to move under the weight of the snow. With snow and ice holding the cover down, there is nothing more to do. 

C. When snow and ice melt and the cover is not frozen in the water, move the pool cover cable down as far as it will go on the pool upright supports. This will help your cover lift and dry.


To protect against high winds, 25 mph and above, place counter weights temporarily on all cover sections causing them to sink down into the water and stabilize. If you live in an area of sustained high winds, keep the counterweights on the porous cover as long as necessary.