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The PoolTree System was invented in Clinton CT, in 1998 by Ron Anderson. Ron has owned and operated above ground pools for 30 years and is very familiar with the difficulties of pool winterization.

Winterizing your pool can be a time consuming task that not many people enjoy. The current winter pool closing options are to either use a weak, hard-to-use pillow, or use nothing at all under the cover.  The pillows almost never make it through the winter, only adding to the headache of opening the pool.  The only solution is to scoop leaves, pump water, and/or dump all the debris in the pool.  An expensive cover pump is needed to pump the cold water off the cover throughout the fall, winter and spring.  

The PoolTree System's unique design holds covers above the water line. When used with a porous cover, snow accumulation increases weight and the expandable supports stretch out and lower the cover into the water. As the snow melts away, water passes through the cover and the cover slowly rises back to its position above the water level.  When the wind blows, the cover dries and the leaves are blown away, leaving your cover clean and dry! It is AMAZING!

When spring arrives all you need to do is remove your clean, dry cover and continue on with your normal pool opening routine. You will be free from pumping out a murky mess each year and free from debris in your clean pool water! We are confident that when your proven PoolTree System is set up, you will have peace of mind, more time for yourself, less hassle and clean pool water in the spring!