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PoolTree System: Round Pools larger than 28'

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When used with a mesh (porous) cover, the System eliminates the need to scoop leaves, pump off the cover, or dump dirty water into the otherwise clean pool. There is no more fishing a deflated pillow out of the bottom of the pool.

The PoolTree System consists of a heavy duty ball (1000lb+ burst pressure), unique harness, expandable bungee support straps with patented connectors and nylon straps. The System flexes into the pool when water or snow weighs it down, then pulls itself out of the water so the cover is allowed to drain (with mesh cover). 

*Can also be used with a solid pool cover but the cover needs to be pumped when it accumulates water.  With a solid cover, the PoolTree System holds the water and leaves against the side of the pool so they are easier to reach.

Some features of our product include:

  • Patented expandable bungee connectors
  • Simple innovative design
  • Mesh/porous cover recommended, allowing rain and melted snow to pass into the pool water while keeping the dirt, insects and leaves out
  • A strong PVC sphere that eliminates the use of an air pillow, and will not pop
  • Takes only minutes to place in the pool
  • Porous (mesh) cover cleans and dries itself swiftly - Porous covers sold separately or as a package
  • Fits all round pools larger than 28'


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