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24' Round Pool: PoolTree System + Mesh Cover

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The PoolTree System was designed to work best when used with a mesh (or porous) cover.  Mesh covers allow water to drain through the cover while keeping dirt, debris, leaves and insects out.  A typical installation of a mesh cover requires the cover to sit on the surface of the water, which means it is always wet and full of leaves.  The PoolTree System holds the cover off the surface of the water, which allows rain and snow to drain through.  Once the cover has drained, it dries and solid debris blows away in the wind.  It's the only self-cleaning above ground pool cover on the market!  A few benefits are:

  • No need to pump the cover continuously through the fall months
  • No need to scoop leaves when installed correctly, the leaves blow away
  • No risk of heavy ice or water pulling on your pool if not pumped properly
  • No leaves decaying and mulching through the cover into the pool in the winter months
  • Easy opening because the cover is dry and free of leaves

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